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The main motive is music
As a born storyteller and enthusiastic concert visitor, I like to share my passion for music with everyone - I am a teacher, tour operator, tour leader, advisor and musician. Using my expertise, I make music accessible and understandable for everyone.
The main motive is Music, with a special emphasis on Classical Music.
My office is located in Heerlen, but my working radius goes much further: Limburg, the Netherlands, Europe, America and Asia. From Heerlen I bring clients, guests, music lovers and practitioners in close contact with everything the professional music life has to offer.

Photo: Anne Jannes

Corona consequences

With the coronavirus situation that has arisen, Sporken Leitmotiv's activities also take on a different light. There was a lot we were looking forward to: music trip Dublin, various concerts and introductions, Luistervinken and lectures on location.

It's difficult to come up with solutions now, what we do is keep you informed as best we can.

We keep in touch.

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