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There is much to discover in the familiar,
the unknown will sound familiar
Photo: Jetty Sporken
I organize theme lectures, exhibitions, concert programmes, concert announcements and presentations for individuals, professionals and amateurs, music associations, educational institutions, artists, service clubs and museums.
I regularly review music performances on Saturday morning for L1 Cultuurcafé radio show.
Feel free to contact us for a preparation of customised (incompany-) courses and lectures on request.

Introductions season 2019

Luistervinken 2019-2020

Six themed lectures in the ING room of the Heerlen theatre.
  • Monday 7 + Tuesday 8 October
    Song literature
  • Tuesday 5 + Wednesday 6 November
    Arvo Pärt
  • Monday 2 + Tuesday 3 December
    Choir music from Germany
  • Tuesday 28 + Wednesday 29 January
    Folklore and classical music
  • Tuesday 18 + Wednesday 19 February
    Ravel and Franck
  • Tuesday 7 + Wednesday 8 April
    Beethoven 'under the knife'
These themed lectures focus on the relationship between word and note, beautiful music fragments, live music!


L1 Culture Café radio show, Saturday morning.
Please contact us for dates and further information, as well as setting up customised (incompany-) courses and lectures on request.

Luistervinkjes 2019-2020 Heerlen

Here an excerpt from a previous Luistervinkjes
Specially for children from 7 - 10 years with (grand) parents
09.11.2019 at 14.00 hrs | 09.05.2020 at 14.00 hrs
Two afternoon performances about two very special composers, Mozart and Beethoven. Mozart was a child prodigy, played on various instruments and wrote more than 600 musical works. Beethoven was a very special, now angry and rebellious, then soft and romantic. Even when he was deaf, he composed the most beautiful music.
You are going to watch and listen to some of the world-famous musical works by Mozart and Beethoven; don't miss it!

Introductions Kunstdagen Wittem 2019-2020

Introduction to the opening concert on 06.09.2019 at 18.30 hrs.

Concert introductions PLT season 2019

The concert introductions are an ideal way to experience the music better and more intensely.
11.10.2019 PLT Heerlen:
philharmonie zuidnederland conducted by Olari Elts, Simone Lamsma violin
Copland: Appalachian Spring
Barber: Violin concert
Glanert: Allegro furibondo (Dutch premiere)
Brahms: Symphony no. 3
29.10.2019 PLT Heerlen:
Academy of St. Martin in the Fields, Jörg Widmann
solo clarinettist/composer/musical leader
Mozart: Klarinetconcert KV 622
Widmann: Con brio; concertouverture voor orkest (2008)
Mozart: Symfonie nr. 41 KV 551 Jupiter


L1 Cultuurcafé radio show, Saturday morning

4 May L1 Cultuurcafé (radio): review concert philharmonie southern Netherlands dated 05.04.2019

As of 15.04.2019
On l1.nl/blaaskracht you will see a repetition of breath pressure: impression Appeltaartmatinee talent class Maastricht Academy of Music.

Saturday 22.06.2019 at 11.00 L1 Cultuurcafé:
Conversation regarding Youth and Classical Music

Soon more information


Contact us for (in-company) tailor-made courses and lectures on request.
Sporken Leitmotiv